Art @ Curio

Excited to have my 2021 triptych from Goldilocks and the Butterfly,
included in Art @ Curio facilitated by art_works benefiting Boston - Art Review

Wyss Institute Womens Health Day 2023

Honored to be invited by the Wyss99s at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University for screenings and discussion to celebrate 2023 Women's Health Day focusing on improving Women's Health

Drain magazine - transform: A study for liminal meanderings

Excited to have my 2019 Simmons Trustman Gallery Anteroom mural project, trans-form: a study for liminal meanderings,
published in the Art Project section of Drain: A Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture, in the current issue on (un)built: Vol:18:1, 2022

The Protean Self I: Liminal Meanderings, 2022 - Featured at MIT Museum Cambridge Science Festival

The Protean Self II: Watershed, 2022 - Featured at MIT Museum Cambridge Science Festival

Groundworks publishes Unfolding the Genome, Nov 17, 2021

UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State: BME Coulter Seminar Series Talk by Gupi Ranganathan, Nov 12, 2021