Drain magazine - transform: A study for liminal meanderings

Excited to have my 2019 Simmons Trustman Gallery Anteroom mural project, trans-form: a study for liminal meanderings,
published in the Art Project section of Drain: A Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture, in the current issue on (un)built: Vol:18:1, 2022

Groundworks publishes Unfolding the Genome, Nov 17, 2021

UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State: BME Coulter Seminar Series Talk by Gupi Ranganathan, Nov 12, 2021

Gallery Talk Video: Broad@15: Celebrating Art and Science at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Unfolding show opening - presentations by Todd Golub, Erez-Lieberman Aiden and Guhapriya (Gupi) Ranganathan
at the Broad Institute in Cambridge MA on Dec 15, 2011